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Hey kids. Gone Friends-Only. Comment if you want in on the ~~partayyy.


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HEY THERE!!! I just joined and found your profile, wondering if you wanna be friends? lolorz btw do you like harry potter?

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I was just on this old pornish_pixies post and saw that you had a request!! this is so irrelevant to everything but I"m like I KNOW HER!!

okay going away /shot

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omg I hope it was a HILARIOUS ONE :D I haven't been to p_p in FOR. EV. ER.

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it was this:
[info]torificus requested: Fred/George/Harry - Twins do their best to UNANGST poor emo!Harry. Go WILD with any kinks wished :D


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Goddamn, man, I'd still read that.

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Me too. I'm -- I really, really like twins/Harry. Image

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TORIIII! Are you secretly stalking my LJ? :| I just saw you voted in my poll! Anyway, I figured it was about time I friended you -- if that's okay. :3

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Not SO secretly! It is a funny story! New Roomie was watching the trailer for Ponyo, and I went HEY. THAT ART REMINDS ME OF RIMON'S. And so I went, and then there was a poll, so I had to fill it out \o/

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LOL. Yay, my art is being pimped out to people. Saying that Ponyo reminds you of my art is a huge compliment, so thanks! :D

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Also I meant to add: Of course it's okay! :D

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Sweet. I just friended you~

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Hoorah! So what's up with you lately? ALSO. KEEP HALLOWEEN NIGHT FREE. Having an epic party, if all goes according to plan :D

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Not much! Been having internet troubles (those are finally over, thank god), assignment-ing and procrastinating. What about you?

Oooooooooh. Halloween party! I'll be looking forward to it. :D

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Blah blah, work, trying to do uni while not caring about it, etc etc. The usual boring stuff :)