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hell or glory (i don't want anything in between)

let's meet in the purgatori~ of my hips

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Birthdate:Dec 3
I am a lot of things. Mostly eclectic, anachronistic, and kind of wacky. <3

Slytherin is I really wanna get in your pants so I'll tell you I love you and then only call you again if I'm really horny.

Supernatural moodtheme by causette

For future reference, if I promise you my soul, I am lying. Joss Whedon has first claim. Well, either that, or he's getting my firstborn.


duia: I like that everyone thinks of you like a Kaylee.
Cause you ARE.
You have all of these things in your brain, these smart smart things, but you are a ray of bubbles and starshine.

Recently FO, but if we ~omgneed~ to be bff, comment. Also, I have this disease where I am afraid to comment on people's FO LJs, but don't be, if you share my disease. I promise not to bite.

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It's only gay if you swallow, (in)appropriate leering, ak-ing muggle filth, alec/seregil, ambisextrous, anally raping grammar, androgyny, anne rice's delusional wankery, baby ducks with spencer's eyes, badasses deserve double penetration, banderfly, bandom brain syphillis, bandom: atlantis, being from the future, biology! in the basement, bottles to the face, boys who love boys, brain syphillis is urie's fault, brendon urie's quantum fug, bulletproof kink, butt slut urie, celebrity cock magnet, cousincest, crazy space incest, cuh-cumming, david bowie's spandex-covered penis, deeaah, depravity, don't be so incest, don't you remember?, don't move my chair, dumbass bassists, godgasm, going-to-hell-for-rps, gun-toting texasboys, harry/draco, having a live-in masturbator, helmet retarded, hey there homos, hieyliner, hitchhiking the galaxy, hobo piss drowning, hogwarts: atlantis, hot gay apocalypse sex, hot gay vampire sex, i've got a bulletproof heart, impalasex, inappropriate sex chicken winning streaks, incest lol, incestapalooza, incestuous threesomes, intervaginal buccaneering, invisible flying impala, irish catholic cest twins, it's-a-me frankio, it’s for science, james tiberius kirk motherfucker, jareth the goblin king, jensen ackles' stupid freckles, jensen has cocksucking lips, jensen/come-in-his-hair, john sheppard: intergalactic comedumpster, jon walker's perfect everything, joss-whedon-owns-my-soul, kinky moonlit skeleton sex, kirknapping, liberal texans, life college, lifetheuniverseandeverything, like the rifle, live long and prosper bitch, majoring in atomic jizz, mormon butt sluts, necrocestablism, neil gaiman, omg it's bb spencer, omgwtfyeehaw, omj, pandemonium at the danceclub, parseltongue kinks, pastede on yay, pee roulette lolololol, pegging as birth control, pete weiss: internet douche, pete wentz stop googling yourself, petori/rylangie, phallic gun-wielding boys of hot, pretty. pretentious., providing immoral support, pseudonecrocest, qfug, questionably-written porn, reading the dictionary, real life aufic, resequenced photons, rimming yay!, robot's emoting eyes, rockstar aus are so 2006, rpattz the irl troll, sammy 'the hobag' winchester, sammy's stupid writhing hips, semen apocalypse, serendipitous cest, seven deadly sins, sex on/in/near the impala, sexual innuendo, sexual perversion, sexually retarded rockstars, short loud assholes, shut up jarednjensen, shut up jensen's frackles, skanky!hermione, slash, slashers' coven, slashing everything, slashtastic pairings, slytherin glitter, slytherin/gryffindor otp, smudged eyeliner, socialist boners, socially retarded rockstars, sombreros and eyeliner moustaches, songs of gayness, space smack!, space-cowboy-zombie-cannibals, stoners at the disco, surprise motherfucker, texasedness, texpot, that urie kid ain't right, that's where the words live, the angsignal, the pegasus galaxy, the power of the frackles, the-boy-who-lived-to-be-angsty, tinhat math, todd the rywraith, twincest, two bitches fightin' over a hair dryer, using enough tildes~, using-hyphens-to-create-uber-interests, vin diesel’s rumbly voice, wank, we're married now!!!, well hey there freckles, you've got a hollow-point smile, your face is like a lamp, zefron orange, zen-ternet, ~sexy mormon calendars~
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